Fenton Stephens

Sharing the wisdom of the Judicial College of Victoria.


The Judicial College of Victoria is both a publisher of highly valuable legal resources and where judges and court officers go for ongoing education. This learning is peer-to-peer and as well as keeping judges up-to-date with the latest legal developments, it also provides them with a chance connect and share their experiences.



The aim of this project was to establish a brand strategy for the JCV. This included developing brand purpose, positioning, identifying a tone-of-voice, creating a tagline that could be used both internally and externally, and developing an updated look for the brand. In a highly collaborative process, we arrived at the following tone-of-voice: Authority thoughtfully expressed. We reflected the peer-to-peer nature of the learning with the tagline: Wisdom shared. This thinking was the brought to life with a refreshed visual approach and is due to be rolled out across all platforms and publications in 2021.

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