Providing hope to a worthy cause.


The market for donations generally favours large charities that are well known and well publicised. It’s hard out there for the little guys, especially when you’re raising money to fight a cancer that has a 0% survival rate. As tough as the truth is, seeing a 0% survival rate can make potential supporters feel hopeless.

An important part of this project was to provide a positioning to IMF that opened dialogue about the devastating disease while still compelling people to donate and feel that their contribution can and will make a difference.


Hope is a huge part of anyone’s recovery, no matter the cause or severity. Whether it’s a 90% chance, or a 10% chance, just having hope provides massive benefits to recovery. Not only for the sufferer of the illness, but to family and friends as well. Emotionally and scientifically. It has been proven that the feeling of hope releases chemicals in the brain that aid the healing process. People don’t need feel overwhelmed by ‘finding a cure’. Just that they’re contributing towards getting 1 survivor. Because that turns a hopeless situation into a hopeful future. And ‘hope starts at 1%’.


The new look, logo and positioning has now been rolled out across key assets that the charity uses to approach corporate contributors and engage with potential new ambassadors.

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