Fenton Stephens

Taking on Facebook’s nudity policy. And winning.


YourBreast had a massive problem. Their main advertising platform quickly became unusable when they were flagged for posting adult content. To add further complication, not only could they not post content featuring their product, breasts, but even their content that didn’t feature any boobs, was flagged for simply linking to their website (which did feature breasts, obviously).


So what do you do when Facebook bans all of your client’s content? You create a social campaign entirely made out of water-coloured boobs. In collaboration with Spanish illustrator, Cristina Nogales, we put together more than 80 pairs of illustrated boobs that were then crafted into a variety of weird and wonderful executions. To circumvent the website linkage issue, the illustrations were built into a Facebook Instant Experience that acted as a stand-alone microsite containing all the vital info, facts and features that YourBreast required.


Not only did this campaign overcome two huge problems, it gave YourBreast the most distinctive and approachable branding in the category. As a result, the campaign saw a huge increase in leads for YourBreast and was extended into additional social channels.

YourBreast IE
YourBreast IE ortho

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