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Truckload of tools competition

The Isuzu Ready-to-Work range is the perfect upgrade for a tradie who has outgrown his ute.

But ute-driving tradies don’t give advertisers the time of day, let alone their personal details. So how did we get them on our marketing list? We made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.


We created a custom Isuzu Servicepack, co-branded with Milwaukee. Then we filled it with $10k worth of tools and offered it as a prize for sharing a few details. And to remove any barriers to entry, we used Facebook’s proprietary forms to generate entries directly from the newsfeed.


The promotion caused near hysteria among tradesmen on social media, helping us to reach the target within the first week of the 2-month campaign.

It generated a 99% increase in year-on-year website visits, with a 501% month-on-month increase in visits to the Servicepack page. The campaign reached its entry target within the first month, going on to receive over 26 840 entries from Facebook alone.

The simplicity of the entry mechanism belied the effectiveness of our strategy, which progressed from awareness to lead capture, nurture, inquiry and ultimately conversion.

Isuzu - Milwaukee Facebook Carousel In-situ

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