Fenton Stephens

Creating a buzz for Ryobi Garden.

Bee's Journey

No two gardens, or gardeners, are alike. And because we each see our backyards in a unique way, we shape them to suit our particular lifestyles. Luckily, no matter the size or scope of the garden, Ryobi has the right tools to get the job done and put your own personal stamp on it.


To demonstrate the breadth of Ryobi’s range of garden tools, we need to show a variety of backyards. And who better to take us on a high altitude tour of a cross-section of gardens than a daredevil bee? Introducing Maverick, an insect aficionado of all things garden. We join Maverick as he zooms and barrel-rolls his way through a backyard journey on his way back to his rooftop hive.

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