An effie(ing) good crack at the 2020 Long-Term Effects Effie.


The Long- Term Effects Effie is awarded to brands who best demonstrate how long-term brand building can be coupled with short-term activation to generate outstanding commercial results. Based on that criteria, we felt we had a compelling story to tell about Ryobi.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for marketers in recent times is trying to maintain a long term focus when there’s a demand for immediate results. The big question that’s often thrown around is whether we should focus on brand or activation? The truth is it doesn’t have to be one or the other. In order to build a brand that’s commercially effective, you need to focus on both. Long-term brand building with the right balance of activation to deliver long-term sales growth. Finding the right balance and executing both concurrently is something Ryobi has done exceedingly well since the initial Power of ONE+ campaign launched in 2014.

Ryobi is also a great example of how despite all the shiny new things that often take the marketing world by storm, the foundations of effective brand management have never really changed. Research, targeting, positioning and brand codes coupled with the right marketing tactics are all elements fundamental to a successful brand.

And while we were proud as punch to be a finalist in the 2020 Long-Term Effects Effie, ALDI’s Good Different campaign beat us to the line. Congratulations to ALDI and BMF Sydney on a well-deserved win. But this isn’t the last you’ll see of hyper green.

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