AEG Mark Of A Tradesman

Rebuilding a brand by building credibility.

The Mark of a Tradesman

The guy who buys AEG Powertools is an aspiring entrepreneur who has years of experience behind him, and big plans ahead of him. He knows his stuff, and understands the importance of having the best tool for the job. He’s no pushover, so if we were going to win him over, we knew we had to be clear about what we stand for – and have the product features and quality to back it up.


A real tradesman takes pride in his work.  It’s his life. And his livelihood. We encapsulated this spirit in a line, a new music track and a new look, to clearly communicate how the brand helps him work smarter, not harder. To get the job done. To do it right. To make his mark.

AEG Mark of a Tradesman Website
AEG Mark Of A Tradesman - Brand book
AEG Mark Of A Tradesman - Brand book
AEG hammer drill digital banners

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