Isuzu Tri-Tipper

How we won respect on the street.

Low Rider

In this case, the product itself was the insight…as soon as people saw the Tri-Tipper’s tray tilting in multiple directions, they were amazed. Our job, therefore, was simply to find the most interesting way to demonstrate the tipper at work.


The obvious idea would be to show the Tri-Tipper dumping a load sideways in a tight driveway, but that would have lacked the drama that this truck deserved. Instead, we had Shane Jacobson engage in an epic battle of hydraulics with a pimped up low rider.


Isuzu sold out of Tri-Tippers and couldn’t order them fast enough to keep up with demand. (And people from around the world are still commenting on the film.)

Tri-Tipper DPS

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