Fenton Stephens

How we worked the kinks out of endota’s performance marketing.

endota Marketing Performance

endota spa are famous for turning us all to jelly with their amazing spa packages. But even the performance marketing of Australia’s largest day spa network needs some pampering from time to time.

So, how did we increase results across the board?

Firstly, we dimmed the lights, lit some incense, and underwent a deep dive into endota’s existing data store.

We pulled out all the good bits from their current set up, and found a bunch of areas they could improve on.

Then, we rebuilt their analytics so we could correctly measure and optimise the miraculous healing properties of our new strategy.

Now it was time to put endota on the massage table and get to work.

A complete rebuild of their Google Ads account replaced around 50 ads with, quite literally, thousands of new live ads.

Why? Relevance. Now a potential customer looking for a spa package would receive a tailored treatment instead of just a generic rub down.

On Facebook, the same approach. Using first party data, we delivered specific messages to the right audiences at the right time.

And our test and learn approach delivered immediate results. Everything you see here is compared to the previous 4 months, prior to us teaming up with endota.

And now, with the aforementioned results heading in the right direction, the endota team feel just as relaxed and rejuvenated as their customers.

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