Ryobi ONE+

Building loyalty in a backyard shed.

ONE+ Brand Campaign

Ryobi is Australia’s leading brand in DIY powertools. But with competitors literally emerging from the woodwork, we realised emotion (as much as innovation) was the key to solidifying Ryobi’s brand position.


We created a family of DIYers who, through their quirky realism, introduced the audience to the Ryobi ‘Brand Codes’ – the wall of tools, the hyper green colour and most importantly, the interchangeable battery that makes almost any job possible.


Year after year, Ryobi continues to dominate the Bunnings powertools aisle – and the DIY power tool market. With constant engagement and interaction on social media, seasonal promotions and digital advertising, the brand has built an enviable share of customer along with something even more desirable: loyalty.

Ryobi ONE plus press
Ryobi ONE plus poster

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